Trusted for three Generations

serving grand island for over 50 years

Gosda’s Car Wash is a prominent hand car wash serving the Grand Island, NE area. The mission of Gosda’s Car Wash is to provide top quality washing service for car owners within the community. We work diligently to keep customers satisfied in order to maintain impeccable customer service. Gosda’s Car Wash is run by Rick and Heather Gosda. The Gosda family has been serving the Grand Island area with two self-service car wash businesses for over 50 years.

1st generation 1968-1999

1st Generation (1968-1999)

Vic & Lee Gosda
Victor and Leola Gosda are the first generation owners of Gosda’s Car Wash. In 1968, they bought the 2nd Street location from a previous owner. The Locust Street location was built in 1971 and opened its doors for business in 1972. Unfortunately, many Grand Island residents were unaware of the business and thought it was a storage facility. Gosda’s Car Wash signs were installed and free car washes were offered for a month to rev up new business.

2nd generation 1999-2008

2nd Generation (1999-2008)

Al & Cindy Gosda
After serving in the Navy for six years in 1978, Alvin Gosda came home to Grand Island and worked as an employee for his parents, Vic and Lee, at Gosda’s Car Wash. Al worked by himself at the 2nd Street location until 1985. It wasn’t until 1989, he also began working at the South Locust Street car wash. Al’s wife Cindy, who at the time had been employed at Ace Hardware for 17 years, began working at the car washes beginning in 1991. They raised two sons, Rick and Ted. Throughout their childhood and teenage years, the boys helped out at the car washes and learned the business. If running two car washes and raising two children didn’t keep Al and Cindy busy enough, they built, owned, and operated A-C Laundry in 1998. Al focused his time running the car washes, while Cindy maintained the laundromat. After leasing the business for 21 years, Al and Cindy officially became the second generation owners of Gosda’s Car Wash in 1999.

3rd generation 2008-present

3rd Generation (2008-Present)

Rick & Heather Gosda
Rick and Heather met while going to school at Wayne State College. They were married in Omaha in December 2006. Rick initially was a manager for a large retail company while Heather taught for Omaha Public Schools. Rick’s aspirations had always been to be a business owner but it wasn’t until Al and Cindy decided to retire that Rick and Heather decided to jump at the opportunity to move to Grand Island and purchase Gosda’s Car Wash in October 2008. Heather began teaching for Grand Island Public Schools and now Grand Island Northwest Schools. The couple have two daughters, Maddie and Molly. Throughout their ownership they’ve made many improvements and upgrades. Some include a new logo, signs, added vending machines/products, Twitter and Facebook pages, and now the company can accept credit cards. The couple love being small business owners!


In 2018, we proudly celebrated our 50th anniversary. To learn more about this exciting milestone,

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